If your business has been hit by tough trading conditions, We can offer sound insolvency services and debt solutions and thorough analysis of next steps in the interests of all parties.

Recovery may still be an option. And if it is, you can rest assured that you'll have the full force of Zeeshan & Co Certified Accoutants' might behind you – and the benefit of a talented team who will go above and beyond to find the best debt solutions and help you restructure your business to return it to profitability.

Where insolvency is the only option, our insolvency services will help you through the process to make it as painless as possible. We'll:

  • Advise on all corporate matters
  • Advise on all individual insolvency matters
  • Respond to your or your client's enquiry
  • Provide an initial free consultation without obligation
  • Deal with enquiries nationwide.

    Informal Agreements

    In this situation our partners' work alongside you in the stabilisation and ongoing management of your business, reaching agreements with creditors on scheduling repayment, and helping you to restructure processes with the objective of rescuing the business. In these situations, we are able to provide assistance in raising finance, restructuring management teams, divesting the business of under-performing units and various other strategies necessary for an effective rescue.


    Formal Agreements

    UK insolvency legislation provides two kinds of 'formal' protection for companies in difficulty:- Company Voluntary Arrangement, (CVA), enables a company to reach a binding arrangement with creditors based on a 75% majority vote of voting creditors. The arrangement is then legally binding on all creditors, regardless of whether or not they voted. This is a highly effective way for a company to negotiate professionally with its creditors without falling victim to the possible short-term agenda of smaller interests.



    Administration provides a rapidly implemented breathing space, by placing the company under the control of a licensed Administrator. Once in Administration the company is protected from adverse actions of creditors while the Insolvency Practitioner works with you and your creditors to formulate acceptable proposals on the future of the business. Once the future direction has been agreed by all parties the Administrator then returns executive control of the business.



    There are of course situations in which a company cannot be saved, or in which liquidation offers the most desirable solution all around. Various winding-up procedures exist including Creditors Voluntary Liquidation, Compulsory Liquidation and Members Voluntary Liquidation. In the extreme event of a company finding itself faced by such a challenge the professionalism and empathy of our associates will be there to guide and support throughout.